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Spotify is the most social music streaming service. A big part of its appeal is that it has more active users than its rivals. But it also takes advantage of available features more than any other comparable service does.

User Interface 9/10

When you listen to a song on Spotify, you can tap a "Heart" button to save it to favorites. The number of "Liked Songs" is limited to 10,000 in each playlist, and thea number of playlists is unlimited. Thus, you can save as many songs as you like.

The desktop app gives you an opportunity to see what people in your friend list are listening to, and it's easy to follow and share playlists with others. Spotify also offers lyrics to some songs on their mobile app. Some tracks include information about the song and provide an insight into the meaning behind the words.

Subscription Plans 8/10

There are two ways to use Spotify: Free and Premium. With a Free plan, you'll have to listen to ads that play between songs. Besides, free users don't have access to all features and deal with restrictions on the music they can play.

With a Premium plan, you can play any album, song, playlist or radio station on-demand. There are no ads, just a never-ending flow of music. You can add songs to your library and build your own playlists – a personal collection you can revisit whenever you want. You can download music to your phone and play it offline. You also get better audio quality of 320 Kbps. Finally, you can listen to podcasts and match music to your running pace.

Usability 10/10

If you want to keep all your listening history within one service, Spotify is the app to get. There are songs, podcasts, radio stations and more. Some of them are exclusive to Spotify. The app makes efficiency incredibly easy once you have used it a few times. It takes an extra step of creating playlists with music you'll actually like. With a family plan, each member of your family will get their own account.

Cross-Platform Use 7/10

You can install Spotify on three major mobile platforms. Add to that a Web player, and you get a music ecosystem that you can listen to anywhere you are.


Spotify is so far ahead of competition that it's hard to draw comparisons. It has a huge music library and convenient tools to find the right song. There are thousands of playlists across all genres. Finally, you can check out what others are listening and share your playlists with the world.


  • Can't search by lyrics
  • Major Free plan limits.


  • Goes beyond basic music streaming
  • Best search and discovery features
  • Great deals for families and, students
  • Play songs online and offline
  • An option of free experience.

Design 9

Key Functions 8

Usability 10

Cross-platform use 7

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