Organic Garden Pest Control – Why to Try It

Over the years people have started to resort to chemical pesticides more than ever before and wonder how to get rid of cockroaches forever. This exercise has caused more damage than benefit and must be watched. There is a need to restrict the use of chemical poisons and spread awareness of choices like organic garden pest control.

Pests can do much of damage to a garden or a farm. It can be weeds, bugs, birds or other animals. An excellent example of pest infestation is the intro of European hares in Australia. The hares increased into the thousands and caused universal damage to farmlands. Similarly, aphids (plant lice) suction the juices from plants employing their straw like mouth parts called stylets, thus stunting the maturation of plants.

Pests are the greatest enemies of farmers all over the earth. Farmers use chemical fertilizers to control the pest menace. Farmers are oblivious of the long term significance of chemical poisons. These poisons cause much harm to farms as well as human beings. They start amassing in the soil thus making the soil unfit for cultivation. Extreme presence of pesticides and other chemical substances in our food chain is referred to as ‘Biomagnification’ and this can lead to health issues and hereditary problems that can result in genetic changes

Also, these poisons kill not only the pests but also numerous good insects, inflicting more harm to the normal ecological equilibrium. Several beneficial insects like bees and butterflies, which are the main pollinators of our gardens are often eliminated by chemical “pest control” methods. Reports have shown that pests start to grow a physical resistance to chemical pesticides. This results in the evolution of “superbugs” that are resistant to average chemical killers. Weeds that could at one time be killed easily by a fast shot of Roundup or some different weed control product are today becoming more immune to Roundup. This makes the chemical substance ineffective for weed elimination.

The better alternative is to resort to organic garden pest control. This is a responsible and a great option as it does little damage to the environment. Pull out the weeds whenever and wherever they pop up. Try squirting some boiling water on weeds when you see them in the cracks of a sidewalk or driveway where it may be harder to pull them out. It may take some time and elbow grease but boiling water does eliminate the weed without hurting the dirt. There are some implements available to assist with pulling weeds. In order to find more data on organic pest control, find a gardening magazine (such as Home and Garden) or an online website. One can also ask other ardent gardeners for their tips and tricks. Gardeners are a friendly lot and are usually willing to share their successful systems of controlling damaging pests.

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