Looking for Nevada termite control can feel like an overwhelming task, particularly when you\’re wondering if your home is going to fall down around your ears if you don\’t do something soon. Fortunately, finding the best pest elimination service at a reasonable cost is pretty easy. Simply educate yourself about termites and how to get rid of them, including non toxic methods, then hire an honest company.

Basic Nevada Termite Control Information

There are several types of termite that inhabit Nevada, so you\’ll want to find out which particular pest is causing your problem before you choose your method of treatment. You can do this on your own, by capturing several specimens and comparing them to pictures and descriptions online, or you can let the Nevada termite control company that you choose to work with do this for you.
Once you know the type of pest you\’re dealing with, do some independent research to find out the best way to control that particular kind of termite. This will help you evaluate the quotes you get from Nevada pest control companies so you can choose the one most likely to stop the damage that\’s being done to your home.
Any Nevada termite control company that you choose to work with should offer two things. First of all, they should be willing to come to your home and evaluate your termite problem for free. The evaluation should be scheduled at your convenience, and should include an assessment of the type of insect causing problems, the extent of the infestation, and how much damage has already been done to your Nevada house.
They should also offer a warranty on their pest control services. This can take many forms, including a refund of your money if their treatment fails, an offer to pay for the repair of any future damage, or the willingness to treat your home again if it doesn\’t work the first time. Each of these means will protect your investment and help you feel confident about getting rid of your termites.

Kinds of Nevada Termite Control

The first decision you need to make about Nevada termite control methods is whether you want to investigate chemical or non toxic treatments. While a chemical treatment involves the use of poison to kill the termite population in your home, a non toxic method will use something else to destroy the pests.
Non toxic treatments appeal to many homeowners who don\’t want to endanger themselves, their children, or their pets. However, the downside to these is that they are often not as effective as a chemical treatment. Many people end up using chemicals to treat the initial problem, then follow up with non toxic methods as preventative measures.
There are three main chemical methods of Nevada termite control. Baiting involves mixing something poisonous to termites with something they like to eat, then leaving it where they will find it and ingest the poison. Various barrier methods involve putting poison into the ground around your Nevada home\’s foundation, keeping outside termites out and preventing the ones already inside from leaving. Fumigation achieves pest control by pumping your home full of toxic gas that kills off the insect population.
Each of these methods of Nevada termite control have their positive and negative points. Some are more effective when trying to control certain types of termites, but don\’t work at all on others. Both baiting and the barrier methods are effective, but take several visits from an exterminator and up to a year for full effectiveness. If your Nevada home already has extensive damage, you may want to try something else. Fumigation, while much quicker, involves leaving your home for up to 48 hours while the gas is pumped in, and is ineffective against some types of bug. There are also a variety of natural termite control methods.
In the end, you need to choose the method of pest elimination that seems best to you and your family. Remember that termites generally do their damage slowly, so you probably have some time before you absolutely must make a decision. You will feel better about the situation if you take your time and do your research. Give yourself the time and space you need to make a good decision that you feel confident about. Your house will still be there when you\’re ready.

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