Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor is a very unusual game from the Russian Studio Dynamic Pixels. This is a stealth horror in which neither stealth nor horror has any meaning. Hello Neighbor is a puzzle that is almost impossible to complete without using hints on the Internet. A psychological drama with no plot. And with all this, it is one of the most important games of recent years, showing the capabilities of the modern gaming community.

Forbidden territory

According to its idea, Hello Neighbor is very simple: there is a main character,a little boy,  and there is his neighbor in the house across the street. In the basement of his house, a neighbor hides something very mysterious and creepy, and the protagonist needs to find out what it is.

The main feature of the game that the developers focus on is the artificial intelligence of the neighbor which adapts to the actions of the player. If you climb through the window often, the neighbor will eventually put a trap under it, go along the same route.

Great style and easy gameplay

Hello Neighbor has a gorgeous visual style — psychedelic, warped and clearly inspired by fifties America. This is the only strong point of the game. Everything else in it is either meaningless or frustrating. In general, if you try to pass the game without the help of the Internet, "frustration" becomes the defining word. As you progress, it is difficult not to feel angry and powerless.

But the fact is that Hello Neighbor is not an ordinary indie title. It exists inseparably from its community, and an integral part of its gameplay is the exchange of information with other players: first of all, viewing walkthroughs on YouTube.


For a person outside the community, the game will seem terrible, filled with bugs, and completely incomprehensible, and they are unlikely to be able to pass it. But for those who have been following its development for a long time through someone's streams on Twitch or topics on Reddit, Hello Neighbor is a colorful and exciting game with a lot of features and secrets.

Therefore, despite all the disadvantages, Hello Neighbor is a very important game for the modern generation. It’s a living proof that the community can not only exist around the game but also be an integral part of it.


  • Good graphics
  • The presence of a meaningful story
  • Well-made Artificial Intelligence
  • You can communicate with fans
  • You can play without much preparation.


  • There are bugs – a lot of technical flaws
  • Poor gameplay
  • Quests that you can watch on YouTube
  • The campaign is quite short.

Graphics 8

Gameplay 9

Controls 10

Replay Value 10

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