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Getcontact is an app that identifies calls and blocks spam messages. Once you install it, you will know your callers by name. The app uses its own database to pull up the caller's photo and personal information.

The Main Idea 8/10

Getcontact allows you to put callers on an ignore list and block unwanted calls, as well as look up contacts by name. However, there is a price you need to pay: the app gets access to your contacts and collects those names and phone numbers.

You can view what name is attached to a phone number in other's contacts. You can also see how others name you and check this data for any person. Getcontact comes free of charge. However, it has different subscription plans that allow you to use all features with higher limits.

Privacy Policy 5/10

Getcontact makes you sign a privacy policy according to which you give the developers access to personal data, including info stored on social media and other apps. Besides, you grant it a permission to share personal data with third parties.

As if that wasn't enough, Getcontact collects your photos, phone books, emails, conversation records and IP addresses. If you accept the privacy policy, you will sign over this data to the app – and your friend's private data, too.

Developers say that they will never sell your data to anybody. However, their terms and conditions have a clause forcing you to agree to receive mass messages. Besides, there is always a possibility of data leaks and hacks.

The Legal Context 6/10

Due to their questionable privacy policy, Getcontact is outlawed in some countries and under scrutiny for compliance with local legislation in others. It's important to note that only premium users can find out how many times and when their number was searched. However, in order to access this information the person should disable the "Private" mode. In other words, you should willingly fork over your data.

Cross-Platform Use 8/10

Getcontact works on all major mobile platforms and is compatible with your PC. In iOS devices, however, only spam calls can be identified. Android users can see the identity of all callers.


After you login to the app, Getcontact gets access to all your contacts and puts them under its database. If anyone then gets your number, they can also get your name and other minor information without your permission, without you knowing about it. The app also detects spam callers and potential fraud.


  • Stores your personal data
  • You can get mass messages.


  • Automatically identifies callers
  • Blocks suspicious numbers
  • Creates profile databases of callers.

Design 8

Key Functions 5

Usability 6

Cross-platform use 8

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