Gardening During A Recession Can Save Money

I keep in mind growing up on a farm in central Ontario back within the 60’s. We were not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination and I wore a lot of hand-me-downs but we never went hungry.
I bear in mind that we had a hundred acre farm where we grew pretty a lot everything we needed to survive. I also keep in mind that we took few trips to the grocery store only going for the necessities we could grow ourselves like sugar, salt and yeast, and thank goodness, toilet paper for the out-house.
Most of the hundred acres was dedicated to growing food for our livestock and a large area for our apple orchard and vegetable garden.
We raised cattle, pigs and chickens for our meat, milk and eggs. Most of the livestock was raised and sent to market as part of our income.
I had chores to do each and daily like collecting eggs, feeding livestock and cleaning their pends and needless to say the chicken coup. I even had to milk the cows if I wanted an unlimited supply of milk to drink and I drank a lot of milk.

Not Just A Vegetable Garden But A Field

Our garden was so large it was a field and was cultivated with farm equipment. It was even huge enough to use the manure spreader to fertilize it within the fall and early spring.
Rows and rows and rows of vegetables for me to weed. I didn’t even get to use a hoe, that was for Dad. Guess he had bad backs or something. I would be on my hands and knees pulling one weed at a time. But the results of our labors had been well worth it as I bear in mind walking through the garden although dad would pull a radish or a carrot and give it to me to taste. Mmmmm, wonderful days.
We would harvest and mom would preserve. Hundreds and hundreds of bottles of preserves with everything we grew. Weeks of work obtaining it all done but then it was over for yet another year.

Putting It Away For Winter

We had a unique room for the preserves and to store the root vegetables. It was built in when our home was constructed. 1 corner was sawdust I think, that’s where the potatoes, carrots, turnips and any other root vegetable would go to stay fresh throughout the winter.
In an additional room that was always cooler than the basement Mom kept her preserves. Shelves and shelves of preserves of every kind. Tomatoes, beets, corn, strawberries, peaches and so a lot a lot more.
Well it’s 40 years later, Mom and Dad have long since moved on to a far better place and I have a family of my own.
We have a vegetable garden now that seems to get bigger every single year. We had been fortunate sufficient to purchase a property along with the lot next door so we could have a huge garden some day. It’s getting there a little much more each year. Oh yeah and I get to use the hoe now.

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