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Fortnite is an online free-to-play game developed by the famous U.S. Epic Games company. The early access to the game was granted in 2017. Fortnite became popular since the first days of release, which is confirmed by its high ratings on (4.6 out of 5).

Game concept

The idea of the game is to fight zombies. Terrible disasters occur on the planet Earth. The walking dead seize all the cities. Your main task is to save the planet. Your survival depends on your skills. Players need to create teams to achieve their goals as monsters become harder to kill and, in general, the difficulty level increases. Every team needs to assign responsibilities to all its members.

Gameplay features 

Being a cooperative sandbox, Fortnite allows you to use multiple game mechanics to survive. You will do tech research, collect resources, build various constructions, and fortify them. You will also fight zombies coming after you wave by wave.

You need to cooperate with other players to collect various items. You will build walls, ladders, roofs, and windows and upgrade them according to the current situation. The game is a kind of a combination of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead. All the locations are randomly generated. You will never see the same landscape again, which makes Fortnite even more interesting to play and to replay.

As for the arsenal of weapons, it ranges from long-distance firing weapons, including shotguns and sniper rifles, to cold steel like katana. There are four different classes in the game comprising Ninja, Outlander, Soldier, and Constructor.

What does it look like?

The iOS version graphics can be compared to low quality on PC. There are no settings here. Fortnite has 1460 x 675 pixels resolution. 

Fortnite controls

You can create your own interface of buttons to have more precise control of your character. You can also choose a Tap anywhere mode to have a more precise shooting ability in the game. For those who are new to Fortnite, an Autofire mode is recommended. 

Replay value

The replay value is high, meaning you will be happy to play this game again and again. As we have already mentioned, Fortnite generates all maps randomly, you will never have the same location, which adds interest to the game.


Fortnite is a free-to-play combat sandbox with multiple features. This is not another online shooter as the main concept of the game turns around construction and defense. Choose your character and liberate the planet from the dark forces.


  • Random landscapes
  • Various types of controls
  • Four types of characters
  • Interesting concept.


  • Lower graphic quality as compared to a desktop version
  • The game is not moderated.

Graphics 8

Gameplay 9

Controls 9

Replay Value 10

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