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Have up to five email accounts checked for incoming messages and have them displayed on screen as they arrive thanks to this practical application

Most email services can be accessed through a web interface. However, you might not be really comfortable keeping your browser window up just to manually check your account. On the bright side of things, there are various applications like EmailChecker5 which can check multiple accounts at a time.

Configure up to five accounts

The application doesn’t take a lot of time to install, but you do need to make sure that Java Runtime Environment is on your computer since it’s a mandatory requirement for functionality. However, it can be selected as a deployment option through the program installer, thus saving you some time.

As the name clearly points out, the core feature of the application is to keep an eye on email accounts of interest. A cool thing here is that you’re not limited to a single account, and you can configure up to five different ones.

Add credentials and manage detection and alerts

At application startup the account settings window shows up. It’s fitted with five different tabs, each one dedicated to an account of choice. You don’t have to fill in all of them though. Requirement fields have you providing the email address, POP3 server and whether or not it uses SSL, account, password, and port. Settings can be tested out instantly.

A good idea is to then pay a visit to the general options window. Here you can specify the date format, whether or not to open the client window when a new message arrives, alert thourgh beep, display new posts, attempt to redirect spam, do not show other email, and more.

The program quietly sits in the tray area and automatically checks at a specific interval. A small notification window can be kept on the desktop to have the activity log of your inbox in plain sight.

A few last words

To sum it up, EmailChecker5 is a neat application to have installed if you often have to deal with emails from different accounts. If your inbox is a busy place, then this application can inform you the second a new message reaches your inbox.

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