Creating A Container Vegetable Garden

I started my first vegetable garden in containers on my balcony in Toronto Ontario. I was raised on a farm and love getting my hands dirty growing things. I grew flowers and veggies indoors until the weather was warm enough and then I moved them outdoors for the summer. I grew mostly herbs and tomatoes.
Once I moved to New Brunswick and got married we started gardening in containers again. We didn’t have enough space to plant an in-ground garden so we just used big flower pots and placed them along the house at the driveway.
We started our first container garden with only a couple of pots but it was a start. Our first crop was tomatoes. It was pretty cool to grow tomatoes right in our driveway.
As the summer moved on so did the location of the sun in our yard and before we knew it our tomatoes weren’t getting much sun at all. With a container garden that huge problem was solved in an instant. Just move the containers to another spot where they would get more sun. Two minutes later the task was complete and they were back in the sun.
Shortly after that we moved to an apartment for a few months until we found a better place to live. By summer we were in another house with a little more space, still not enough for an in-ground garden but big enough for a few more pots for our container vegetable garden. We did have flower beds around the front, side and back of our duplex but we didn’t want to grow veggies there. This was for flowers, my wife’s petunias. Can’t have a home without growing petunias.
Now we have our own home and even a second lot right beside us, for a real vegetable garden. I dug up a 16×4 foot plot, however we still grow a vegetable container garden. We like to grow tomatoes, peppers, well just about anything we can. The more the merrier I say. I like to put them along the side of the house, on the south side of course, where they get plenty of sun.
I did have to figure out how to keep them watered as they would dry out before we got home from work most days and looked like they were dead until I watered them. Now I am using a little drip system I made from used plastic water bottles.

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