Connecticut termite control inspectors in Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury and the surrounding CT areas are well equipped to examine homes in Connecticut and locate evidence of termite control issues. Termites are a big problem here and everywhere across the country. Some people think that they only cause significant damage in the south, but this is not true. This pest is more resilient and adaptive than many realize, and it is essential for those of us who live in Connecticut not to underestimate the real threat that they present.

Dangers of Termites in CT

Termites are an extremely destructive group of insects. There are thousands of species worldwide, loosely grouped into much narrower categories. Different species have different attributes but one thing they all have in common is their amazing destructive power. In areas like out home state of Connecticut even types native to southern areas can arrive via delivery trucks or other means and wreak havoc on homes. It is good to be prepared and to know what to look for in order to avoid trouble. Connecticut termite control efforts have to include the recognition that these sneaky pests are quite often virtually imperceptible aside from the spring when winged swarmers appear and begin to leave the colony.
To eliminate termites from a home, the skills and also the advanced equipment and materials of a professional exterminator are critical. These bugs are so destructive that there is no time to waste in trying to deal with them. Any attempt at do it yourself eradication usually fails and results in greater damage, because the more time we give them to eat our Connecticut homes, the more termites will feed and cause destruction. Structural termite damages requiring major repairs are not at all uncommon in cases where the pests are allowed to go unchecked. Connecticut termite control companies such as national chains and local outfits are suited to do the job that we usually can\’t do. They inspect the home inside and out, apply termiticide and termite bait traps as are appropriate to the individual situation, and always follow up and inspect once more. Often another round of insecticide is needed and Connecticut termite control companies usually spend significant time on these jobs. Control of the situation depends upon swift action and trust in termite control professionals. A small investment in pest control can save huge repairs later.

Signs of Infestation

Some homeowners get the feeling that they may have a problem but wonder whether they really are experiencing a situation that calls for Connecticut termite control help. A termite infestation in the spring can almost always be detected when winged swarmers are located in the home. When they emerge from the colony in the spring it is to seek out new places to mate and start new colonies. Their emergence in your home likely means there is a termite problem. The trouble for Connecticut homeowners is trying to decide what is best to do about it. Getting a service out to the home costs money and many of us in Connecticut are already cash strapped as it is. But the cost of inspection can be worth the damage saved. Homeowners can get free quotes on one time inspections using this site. The cost of the service is an investment in your home, and some Connecticut termite control companies will charge low prices or apply the inspection fee toward the overall cost of eradication if it proves necessary. This peace of mind that comes with having a Connecticut termite control company on the job is priceless.

How to Choose Termite Control Companies

There are many companies out there that do this sort of work in our home state. This is good news for homeowners because it means that we have many choices on which company to hire. But it can also lead to confusion or hesitation on our parts. If you know certain things to look for, you will make the right choice. A company should be licensed by the department of agriculture to do this type of work. The technicians should be experienced and well trained. Membership in the National Pest Management Association is desirable as well because it suggests a genuine interest in continual improvement and stability.
When seeking out Connecticut termite control companies to choose from among, it is important to select one that will emphasize safety for your family. Do they mention the animals and your children in their sales pitch? Do they request that you leave the home during the treatment? Do they speak of using non toxic products? Termite control is lethal to termites, but when done properly is safe for people and pets. Get quotes from Connecticut termite control companies, and choose one that values safety just as much as you do.

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