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ClassDojo is a nice and simple tool for the evaluation of the class in real time. ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary, a British school teacher with an Economics background, and Liam Don, an MMO game developer. The idea of a service that will help teachers quickly and easily evaluate classwork, homework, discipline. 

And attendance came about after Sam interviewed hundreds of teachers and found out that half of the allotted time is spent not on the learning process, but on controlling the behavior of children. Currently, the service, which is available in several languages , is used by more than 3.5 million teachers worldwide.

Briefly about the app

  • Cost: free of charge
  • For whom: teachers, students, parents
  • Platforms: web service, iOS app, Android app

What's the idea?

The idea of the service is to create a convenient, visual, and easily managed reward system with various roles and access levels. In ClassDojo, you can register as a teacher (who will create badges, set goals, collect statistics, and make group mailings); as a student (who is sent a personal code to access their profile, where they can change their avatar and customize the profile for themselves); and as a parent (who has access to their child's profile). A teacher can use the projector to display the progress of the class right during the lesson if the teacher finds it sufficiently effective and motivating.

The creation of a class

After a simple registration procedure, where you only need to specify your name, email address and password to log in, the teacher can immediately start working with the service. Setting up a class goes through four stages: creating a classroom with a name, adding students, setting up reward and" punishment " badges, and sending codes to students. Avatars are assigned to each student randomly, after which each student can choose an avatar to their liking. In the window for adding students, you can safely copy a ready-made list of classes — the system will accept them. You can create as many classes as you want, and it will take no more than five minutes to create them.


ClassDojo has already become, if not irreplaceable, at least a very frequently used tool in modern lessons. Ease of use and thoughtful interface allow you to quickly "distribute marks" and not to worry about reporting — the service stores all the necessary information about each lesson for each class. There are no numerous Windows, tabs and buttons, all actions occur in one click, which means that the English-language interface will not confuse anyone.



  • It is not possible to set the number of points on badges
  • In the mobile app, you can't view all the class badges at once — either positive or negative
  • There is no integration with other LMS systems, so it is not possible to process previously collected statistics.


  • Ability to teach students not only the topic, but also the values
  • Parents can join the platform and can even be part of different classes
  • Parents have access to a doughnut table that shows what they need to work on with their children
  • Helps explain what is happening in the class
  • Points are assigned to each of the set values. Using good values will bring more points to the table, and negative values will be used to Express negative values.

Design 10

Key Functions 7

Usability 9

Cross-platform use 10

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