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Among professional enterprise-level solutions designed for teleconferencing, Cisco WebEx Meetings stands out. Focused primarily on organizing remote work, multi-user webinars and online meetings with colleagues, clients and partners, this product fits perfectly into the concept of a modern event series: it easily integrates with various video conferencing systems and office applications MS Office, Outlook and Lotus Notes, allowing you to work collectively on documents in real time.

Creating your own meeting

In the "Meetings" section, determine the most appropriate settings for the built-in calendar and the "Start meeting now" function. The Notifications tab allows you to change the notification mode for meetings and define the conditions for receiving them. If necessary, in the "Integration" section (not available in the MAC version), specify the programs to attach as integrated modules. Finally, look at "video Devices" – you may need to enable automatic detection to pair with devices nearby (useful, for example, if you work on a corporate VPN network).

To use the app, you will need a computer running Windows 7-10, Mac OS X (10.13 and older), or a mobile gadget with Android or iOS pre-installed. Other versions of operating systems are not exactly recommended by the developer.

In the upper part of the app there is a button "Create a meeting": as the event organizer, after activating it, you will be moved to the form for creating a deferred conference – Schedule. A new invitation opens in the Outlook calendar, where you need to enter the names of participants, the topic of the conference, and the start and end times. It is important to specify the location in the field – WebEx - and only then confirm the entered information by clicking "OK", and then Send ("send").

Join the conference

In the Webex Meetings APP for PC, you can not only create events but also join existing ones. It is noteworthy that you can do this even without having a WebEx account (it is only necessary for creating conferences). Notifications about created events can be via email, messengers, and even SMS. 

The easiest way is to find a link in the calendar: when you see a reminder about an event, just click the big green link Join Meeting ("join a meeting") or give your consent to participate in a planned meeting in advance when it starts by clicking "Join” . To join the conference immediately, select "Start Meeting". Don't forget to check your microphone and webcam settings before entering the common room.

In the process of communication

All audio and video settings must be made in advance (to avoid unpleasant moments during the conference). You can use WebEx test meetings to do this.

The app also has useful additional features. For example, during a meeting, you will most likely need to display your screen or specific app: click the "Share Content" icon, and then "Share your screen" or the required app. If you are the meeting organizer (administrator), you can also:

  • record meetings to share information with those who couldn't attend;
  • mute participants that don’t take part in the conversation;
  • invite additional participants and disable the unwanted ones.


The app developers strongly recommend using a specialized headset in order to avoid clogging the air with audio debris (noise, extraneous sounds, and so on) and improve the perception of information coming from interlocutors. It is important not to forget to turn off the microphone when you are listening, and make sure that the video is transmitted correctly from the camera.


  • You can't play the recording on mobile devices
  • The new interface is not available for Linux users
  • Some custom get-started templates created in previous releases of Webex Meetings may not work after upgrading to this release.


  • Keyboard navigation and screen reader support
  • Video thumbnails in the participants panel do not support navigation using the tab button
  • Some elements in file sharing in the survey panel do not support tab navigation
  • Elements in full-screen video viewing mode do not support navigation using the tab button
  • Elements in the video user interface do not support screen readers.

Design 7

Key Functions 6

Usability 10

Cross-platform use 9

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