5 Steps To Produce Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is a product which is used by gardeners and landscapers all over the world, the product you actually buy is the by-products of the growing process after the mushrooms are harvested. This article aims at providing you with the information so you can make your own mushroom compost and save some time and money.
The ingredients you need to start to make mushroom compost is manure, hay, poultry manure, gypsum and mushroom spawn as well as a large compost bin and steam machine. Once you have these ingredients you are ready to go.

  1. You need to begin by mixing the gypsum and manure.
  2. You now need to get your compost bin and line the bottom with the just mixed manure and gypsum and leave it for 2 or weeks. After this has happened the bin needs to be covered to allow it to become hot and all the organic matter also decompose.
  3. The steam machine needs to be used indoors this allows the compost to pasteurize. Make sure the room has ventilation to allow the steam to blow inside the room till it reaches an approximate of 1600.
  4. Once the compost is pasteurized it needs to be placed on trays and the mushroom spawn added and mixed thoroughly.
  5. Then added peat moss to the tray and this needs to be kept inside and the humidity and the temperature of the room controlled. The growth of mushroom then can be expected within 30 days.

A quality mushroom can be grown with the help of horse manure. The same can be purchased from the shops or in the case of the fresh manure 20% of wet straw has to be added and to be left outside in the heap. After a few hours the heaps will become hot in the center. The process has to be repeated and it has to be kept moist. Once it has finally become rotten the center will no longer be hot.

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